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6th Annual Let's Grow STEAM

Youth College and Career Expo

Unveiling Artistic Pathways

Join us for the 6th Annual Let's Grow STEAMx Youth College and Career Expo, the Greater Columbus Region's premier college and career-exploration experience for student's 4th - 12th grades.

  • Learn about the region’s broad range of careers and the pathways to get there.
  • Hear from diverse voices sharing experiences and tips for getting started on a career.
  • Connect with local companies, colleges, training programs and more.
  • Meet leading employers and visit their virtual booths.
  • Take away materials and resources in your digital “backpack.”.
  • Visit booths, talk with company representatives, and attend career readiness seminars - you can win some cool prizes!
  • Return to learn more for 30 days following the event.

YCCExpo 2024 Keynote Presenter 

Electra S. Harris
Founder, Mysteek Natural

Electra S. Harris, the visionary behind Mysteek Naturals, has revolutionized the hair care industry with her creation of a chemical-free temporary hair color. As the proud founder of this minority woman and veteran owned small business, Electra embarked on her innovative journey in 2017.

Her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by a common struggle faced by many women - the quest for a safe and vibrant hair color solution without resorting to bleaching with permanent dyes or ineffective rinses. Frustrated by the lack of options that met her criteria, Electra took matters into her own hands, giving rise to what can only be described as a “Rockstar in a Jar.”

Beyond her groundbreaking product, Electra is on a mission to share her entrepreneurial expertise and help others transition from kitchen experiments to successful warehouse enterprises. She is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of product-based enterprises, ensuring that every product is given the attention it deserves on the path to achieving success. Electra also holds a deep passion for inspiring future leaders to educate themselves about industries of interest and to follow their dreams.

Electra S. Harris stands as a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to creating positive change in the world of beauty and entrepreneurship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students in grades 4th - 12th and educators in East Alabama and Southwest Georgia
Yes, you must register. Register by going to www.yccexpo.vfairs.com
There is no fee for administrators, educators, or students. There is a fee for exhibitors and sponsors. Click here to learn more about support opportunities.
Once registered, you will use your email address to get access to the event. This is your unique login and can only be used by you.
Yes, you can access information post event until Monday, March 18, 2024. Just click here to register and access on-demand information.
No, you do not need to download software to access this program. Just go to www.yccexpo.vfairs.com to register or login for access to the downloadable material.
Visit www.letsgrowsteam.org to learn more about our organization and programs.
The document below were prizes distributed for YCCExpo 2022 participants.
  • Prizes awarded are
  • 1st Place - PlayStation 5
  • 2nd Place - Oculus VR Set
  • 3rd Place - Beats by Dr. Dre Headset
  • 4th Pace - STEMBoard Lingo Kit
  • 5th Place - Nike Gift Card ($150.00 Value)
  • 6th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 7th Place - $100.00 Macy's Gift Card
  • 8th Place - STEAM Rover ($70.00 Value) 
  • 9th Place - STEAM Rover ($70.00 Value) 
  • 10th Place - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 11th Place - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 12th Place - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 13th Place - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 14th Place - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 15th Place - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 16th Place - $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 17th Place - $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 18th Place - $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 19th Place -$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 20th Place -$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 21st Place -$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 22nd Place -$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 23rd Place -$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 24th Place -$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • 25th Place -$25.00 PlayStation Gift Card
  • 26th Place - $25.00 PlayStation Gift Card
  • 27th Place - $25.00 PlayStation Gift Card
  • 28th Place - $25.00 PlayStation Gift Card
  • 29th Place - $25.00 PlayStation Gift Card
  • 30th Place - $25.00 PlayStation Gift Card
Points are awarded by task or activity. Here is the point distribution by task:
  • Login - 500 POINTS
  • Text Chat at Booth View Booth Video - 100 POINTS
  • Booth Q&A Booth Meet & Greet Survey Completed Watch a Webinar - 250 POINTS
  • Booth Visit - 75 POINTS
  • For Pre-registering View Booth Document - 50 POINTS
  • Log-In to virtual expo - 500
  • Register and Attend the Amazon Tour - 500
  • Watch the video of Keynote Speaker - Ms. Aisha Bowe - 250
  • Watch a Video in the Auditorium - 200
  • Register and Complete a Mock Interview - 200
  • Take a Survey - 150
  • Attend a "LIVE" session -100
  • Visit an Exhibitor Booth - 100
  • Engage in a chat with an exhibitor -50
  • Click on Exhibitors Documents, Video - 50
  • Click Navigation Menu - 25
  • Add Resources to your Backpack - 25